PREJEX is in a commercial stage, specialty drug delivery company focused on providing painless, needle-free injection devices for safe and effective self-administration of medicines.

The Company utilizes medical device injector technologies invented by the Company and novel drug formulations to introduce medicines into the body without the use of needles, a.k.a. hypodermic needles or “sharps”.

Hypodermic needles are uniformly used to deliver medicines into precise locations based on the length and width of the needle. However, a high proportion of patients are frightened by needles, needles can cause pain, bleeding and bruising, and the disposable of used needles is a biohazard problem that costs the healthcare industry many millions of dollars annually.

In most cases, the hypodermic needle injection is done by another person or a caregiver because of the sterile technique required, self-administration is difficult, and injection pain can cause suboptimal dosing and low compliance.

Our mission is to make and provide safe, easy to operate, and effective needle-free injection methods for drugs, biologic medicines and genetic material that are administered through the skin – subcutaneous (SC) and intradermal (ID).

Needle free injection does not involve stainless steel hypodermic needles that are damaging, painful, and cause bleeding.  Our Needle free N-jectors™ delivers a jet-stream of medication under the skin without using a hypodermic needle.

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Company Addresses:

Prejex R&D

Bennigsenstrasse 14
12159 Berlin

Prejex International

Churerstrasse 47
8808 Pfäffikon

Prejex Holding S.A.

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